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Welcome to the English part of the Bibliotheek Amstelland website. At this moment, we only have limited information in English. Of course, we would be happy to inform you in the libraries or by phone or mail should you have any question or need for information.

de Bibliotheek Amstelland

 Pand Stadsplein cobra ingang

Background Amstelland

On January 1 2008 the public libraries of Amstelveen, Aalsmeer and Uithoorn merged into Amstelland Bibliotheken.

Our mission is to enhance public accessibility of knowledge and culture and to promote the use of information and the enjoyment of literature and arts

The main library is located in the centre of Amstelveen at the ‘Stadsplein’ (next to the Cobra Museum of modern art) and within easy reach from Amsterdam. The library, designed by the architect Hans Ruijssenaars, is a good example of modern day library architecture and is definitely worth a visit.

In our libraries you can find a high quality collection of books and digital and multimedia products. Also there is a large number of fast computer workstations and places to study, to read or to listen to music. Furthermore, there is wireless internet available.

As Amstelveen is home to the most international community in the Netherlands, a major part of our collection is in English. We also offer a collection in Hebrew, Japanese and other languages. Apart from a large number of magazines, we host a music collection with cd’s, dvd’s and sheetmusic and a selection of the best films on dvd.

Besides the collection of books and multimedia items, De Bibliotheek Amstelland also offers training in computer and information literacy, and boasts a vast cultural programme. Topics include literature, art, history and science.


de Bibliotheek Amstelland
Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein
Stadsplein 102
1181 ZM Amstelveen

Postal adress:
Postadres 2173
1180 ED Amstelveen

Tel. 020-6414126
Fax. 020-647 94 76
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Route description

By car
The main library of de Bibliotheek Amstelland is easy to reach by the A9, exit Amstelveen. Follow the route ‘Parkeergarages Stadsplein’ or ‘Schouwburg Amstelveen’. The parking-lots are under and next to the Library Amstelveen Stadsplein.

From the Central Station of Amsterdam or train station Amsterdam Zuid-WTC, you can reach the Library Amstelveen Stadsplein with tram line 5 (end stop Amstelveen Binnenhof) or with metro line 51 (stop Amstelveen Centrum). Walk by the warehouse V&D towards Stadsplein (circa 5 minutes) The library is at te other site of the square.

From the train stations Haarlem NS, Hoofddorp NS or Schiphol NS drives the Zuidtangent, a fast bus connection, (line 300) to the bus station of Amstelveen. From Uithoorn you can  reach bus station Amstelveen with line 149 or 170. From Kudelstaart or Aalsmeer you can take lines 171 or 172. The busstation Amstelveen is directly next to the Library Amstelveen Stadsplein.


Prices 2017

 Standard card

 0 -14 years (only one person) Free
 15 - 22 years 18,25
 23 - 64 years 45,75
 65 years or older 38,25

 Standard card holders of Library Amstelveen and CJP
 15 - 22 years  9,75
 23 years or older 19,25

Double card
 0 - 14 years  9,50
 15 - 22 years   26,25
 23 - 64 years  58,25
 65 years or older  50,75

 Double card holders of Library Amstelveen and CJP
 0 - 14 years   8,75

 15 - 22 years

 23 years or older  28,25
 65 years or older


 Adamnet card

 Adamnet card double


 Administration costs 5,00
 Duplicate card 5,00

Loaning time


extend loaning time

ovderdue fines per day

(Listen)Book/magazine/sheet music

 3 weeks



€ 0,20


1 week



€ 0,80 

 DVD movie/music/documentaries

1 week



€ 0,80 

 Cd-rom/console games/courses

 3 weeks



€ 0,80 

With your library card, you can borrow books and other materials.  You can also  use our computers with Internet connection for free  for half an hour a day when you are a standard library card holder. For double card holders this is an hour a day.  In addition, you will receive discounts on participation in lectures, workshops and other events.

When registrating, identification of person and adress is mandatory. For person identification we will aks  for a valid driver's license or  ID card. An example of a valid address identification  is a recent bank statement or a rental contract.

With the standard card it’s possible to to borrow eight items without paying additional costs. The lending period is three weeks. For videos, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, and other digital media you have to pay extra. You can borrow five of these items with a loaning period of a week. With the double card you can borrow twice as much items with a double loaning period.

Reservation costs are free from the collection of Amstelland Libraries. For items out of other collections, the reservation cost is € 2.50 per item.

Resignation can be done in writing. You have to risign at least two months before the expiration of the library card. 

Giving a library card as a gift
Searching for a surprising gift? You can give someone a library gift card. Our staff will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Please click here to see our flyer 'Information and Prices. This flyer is also available in the library.

Opening hours
Please click here for opening hours libraries in Amstelveen, Aalsmeer and Uithoorn (in Dutch)

Specific services
The rates for organizations and companies:
Standard card € 45,75 
Double card  € 58,25

We offer special programs for schools and companies.
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Many institutions for the elderly make use of our services.
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For home-bound card holders, we provide a library-to-home service.
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Adamnet card
The Adamnet card is a cooperation between nine libraries. With this card you can borrow items at a lower price from the following institutions.  Bibliotheek Almere, Bibliotheek Amstelveen, CWI, HvA, INHOLLAND Diemen, KIT, Maison Descartes, OBA, Theaterschool, UBA en UBVU. For more information about the Adamnet card, see their website.